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xn.debug beta

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This debugger is build with serveral interacting technologies. The core element is a PHP based function, which can be integrated into the application files. This function can be used to inspect PHP elements at nearly every point of code. Finally the function will be executed again as shutdown function after the application is finished. At this point an HTML output is generated and placed at the end of the server response to the browser.

We aim to fulfil the needs of PHP development by testing the application in Google’s Chrome Browser and Mozilla Firefox, because we consider them the most common browsers in web development. The application will run in Microsoft’s Internet Explorer as well, but this browser is not supported primarily.

Once the HTML snipped is executed, a virtual debugging window is displayed. Styling is based on a dedicated CSS file and a handful of JavaScript functions.
Version: beta
Lizenz: GNU GPL 3
Windosw, Linux, Mac
Sprache(n): English ..
Download Anzahl: 594 Downloads
Hersteller: rvolk ..
Dateigröße: 157.23 Kb
Datum: 07. Sep. 2010
php 4.3+, web browser
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