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ClickOff 1.90

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''ClickOff'' has been written out of a personal need - like most programs here. Questions like "are your sure you want to exit the program?" made me go insane after having seen them a dozen of times. I found a program called "BuzOff" on a computer magazine CD-ROM which took care of this situation by simply clicking a button to close the window but it also displayed nag-screens which annoyed me as well. Being a programmer I just thought "you can do that yourself" and I started working on ''ClickOff''. I started looking for functions that windows provided for clicking on buttons without actually moving the mouse and I was successful. I had a working version pretty soon with a nice user interface and working pretty well. One problem was that the CPU-utilization on slower computers was rather high. I worked on a few parts and the CPU-time needed went down but never satisfied me. Another problem was that the tray-icon never reacted immediatly or not at all which was a problem of the programming language that I used. I ported the whole program to C which I didnt quite know by then. This was about 4 months ago. Meanwhile I know C petty well and on October 5 I finally released ''ClickOff'' 1.40beta. All the problems mentioned above were solved. On October 15th ''ClickOff'' V1.40 came out. The CPU-usage was down at its minimum as I believe, the trayicon reacted reliably and the program managed its task to click on buttons very well. Meanwhile ''ClickOff'' has improved through bug reports and suggestions of new features that you sent me.
Version: 1.90
Lizenz: Freeware
Windows 98, ME, NT4, 2000, XP, Vista, 7
Sprache(n): German ..
Download Anzahl: 2008 Downloads
Hersteller: ..
Dateigröße: 339.70 Kb
Datum: 21. Jan. 2013
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