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VgainBackupStrategyLite 3.0.41

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The backup strategy incorporates both automatic creation of system images & more frequent incremental file data backups
It is possible to easily create and maintain multiple system images automatically on a weekly schedule or manually create them as needed

System Image(s) and file backups may be stored on different storage locations.

I wanted set & forget , so older system images will be removed automatically.

I also wanted a single GUI(Graphic User Interface) for access to all the features I needed, an interface that for me is old school intuitive.

Make a Windows Recovery media for those times when you can t boot your computer and or need to restore your system to a new hard drive.

Yes you can select & restore individual files from your system image.

Your computer will wake from sleep or hibernation mode to create the system image backup, but not while it is running on battery or if you have shutdown your computer.

If your computer is on at the time of the scheduled backup, it will remain on after completion of the system image backup, conversely if sleeping/hibernated (not Shutdown ) it will enter sleep mode on completion of the system image.

You can receive an email notification of the status of the backup.

I have available both a free version that should meet most people needs in terms of redundancy as well as an affordable paid version with greater flexibility.

Please visit for more details and or to view a video tutorial.
Version: 3.0.41
Lizenz: Freeware
Win 2000/XP/2003/Vista/7/8.x/10 (x32 &x64)
Sprache(n): English ..
Download Anzahl: 278 Downloads
Hersteller: Vgain Solutions ..
Dateigröße: 2.40 MB
Datum: 24. Feb. 2016
Windows 7 x64 or Windows 8/8.1 x64
Änderungen: mehr hier

Bewertet mit: 2.75 (0/5)
Gesamt Stimmen: 4

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