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Giswater 1.1.217

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''Giswater'' is an open-source project software created having in mind sharing knowledge in the sectors related to water supply, sewerage systems, urban drainage and the investigation of flood risks by acting like a linking platform between hydraulic simulation software, spatial database and Geographic information Systems(GIS) software.

1. Development of master plans of water supply, sewerage and drainage systems incorporated with Geographic Information Systems (GIS) without any license costs.

2. Potential to develop master plans using only one platform which is 100% open-source software, with all the elements developing water management systems of water supply network and sewerage network such as EPANET, EPA SWMM, GIS, BBDD, WMS, ERP, CRM, mobile devices or SCADA s.

3. Potential of collaborative projects in such a way that even expensive proprietary software could not perform up to date. Large hydraulic engineering projects were either carried out in a sequential or a fragmented manner. This approach of database multi-use would make it possible to work on a real cooperative manner due to the fact of accessing the database simultaneously and independently on the number of users.

4. The possibility of the technological dominance of the user is becoming a reality due to knowledge sharing which is the main characteristic of ''Giswater''. The key element is that the end-user is no longer dependent of the technology and its suppliers, but rather on the training they receive.

5. A project which brings together different technologies which are clearly tested and proved reliable such as QGIS, PostgreSQL, EPA NET, EPA SWMM with thousands of users all over the world improving and accelerating progress in the respective communities.
Version: 1.1.217
Lizenz: Freeware
Windows XP/Vista/7/8
Sprache(n): English, Portuguese ..
Download Anzahl: 310 Downloads
Hersteller: Giswater Association ..
Dateigröße: 104.70 MB
Datum: 15. May. 2015
You need to have installed JAVA (JRE) on your computer. If you install the stand alone version, you
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