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Fora Reader

Fora Reader 5.0

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+ Quadruple activation methods - select or combine in accordance with your comfort level with reading
-> Hover activation - hover on the word of interest (useful when you need to translate words very frequently, for instance reading/translating a foreign document that s out of your profession)
-> Hotkey activation - hover and hit control-key to activate (in cases where you need to have control over hover tooltips pop up)
-> Selection activation - select the word you want to translate with mouse (useful for moderate and less frequent translations)
-> Clipboard activation - copy the word you want to translate to the clipboard from any application
+ Split views - true integration of browsing and dictionary applications
+ Cross-lookup - translate words in a translation using another dictionary (avail more decent general dictionaries with the help of even a single small native dictionary that you understand at first look)
+ Visual navigation - navigate visually within translations
+ Complete dictionary management
-> Add/Remove dictionary - drag and drop support, even archived dictionaries can be used as resource
-> Enable/Disable dictionary - temporarily disable dictionaries you don t need at a given context
-> Reorder dictionaries - reflect importance of dictionaries as it s order in the list
-> Color identification - assign a unique color to visually identify dictionary in translations
-> Profiles for arrangements: save and reuse dictionary arrangements devoted to specific contexts
+ Support for multiple dictionary formats
-> XDXF (XML) dictionaries
-> DICTD database dictionaries
-> StarDict dictionaries
-> Plain text dictionaries
+ Tabbed interface - features are organized as trivial tabs, for instance, you can translate several words simultaneously in separate tabs

Unter Download Link 2, finden Sie die Mac Version zum downloaden
Version: 5.0
Lizenz: Freeware
WinXP,Windows Vista Home Basic,Linux,Mac OS X
Sprache(n): English, Arabic, French ..
Download Anzahl: 1476 Downloads
Hersteller: NG-Computing ..
Dateigröße: 12.06 MB
Datum: 26. May. 2011
Änderungen: mehr hier
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Bewertet mit: 1.58 (0/5)
Gesamt Stimmen: 12

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