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Free Disk Wipe

Free Disk Wipe 3.4.8

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Eliminate sensitive files completely and irrecoverably for absolutely free! Clean secure information up to the last bit. Wipe off sensitive information. Get rid of secure data and trade secrets. Get all benefits of secure file deletion for absolutely free! ''Free Disk Wipe'' securely overwrites deleted files, effectively destroying their contents and making it completely irrecoverable. Rest assured that the files deleted with ''Free Disk Wipe'' will not be recovered even in an FBI lab!<br>

The Undelete specialize in making various data recovery products to restore deleted files and corrupted data from damaged hard drives. As renowned data recovery specialists, The Undelete learned from experience that, while recovering data is hard, getting rid of unwanted information is even harder.<br>

Simply deleting a file or folder with Windows won t remove their contents even if you don t use the Recycle Bin or clean it regularly. The file will be marked as deleted in the file system, but its contents will sit on the disk, waiting to be recovered. The Undelete software does it with no sweat.<br>

Overwriting the contents of the deleted file with zeroes does make it impossible to recover data with data recovery software, but such information can still be recovered in a clean lab. Really sensitive information is never secure when deleted this way.<br>

''Free Disk Wipe'' overwrites the contents of the deleted files with a random sequence of numbers, making it effectively impossible to recover the original contents of the file with data recovery software or in a clean lab. Designed by renowned data recovery specialists, ''Free Disk Wipe'' copes well against all attempts to recover deleted information. Clean up sensitive information finally and forever with ''Free Disk Wipe'' at no charge!<br>

''Free Disk Wipe'' is available at for free evaluation.
Version: 3.4.8
Lizenz: Freeware
Win95,Win98,WinME,WinNT 4.x,WinXP,Windows2000,Windows2003
Sprache(n): English, Arabic, ChineseS ..
Download Anzahl: 878 Downloads
Hersteller: Undelete ..
Dateigröße: 235.74 Kb
Datum: 15. Jun. 2009
A Standart Wiudows PC
Änderungen: mehr hier

Bewertet mit: 1.50 (0/5)
Gesamt Stimmen: 2

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