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Gentee 3.6.2

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''Gentee'' is a friendly full-scale programming language. It can become a reliable assistant in your everyday work. It also is easy-to-master, and can be your first, as well as tenth programming language. All necessary documentation, examples and a library set are available. Program developers can easily use it in their applications. The compiler and the virtual machine in a single DLL occupy 120 KB.
''Gentee'' is a free programming language. You pay nothing for using this language (even if you use it in your applications).
''Gentee'' is a powerful tool for automation of different operations. It is better to once spend ten minutes for creating a program, than daily spend one minute for execution of chores.
''Gentee'' is not a scripting language. You can execute your program in the ''Gentee'' language right away, but since there are no intermediate codes, you can avoid losses of time required for compilation during reruns, even if those are executed rather quickly. Furthermore, an intermediate code makes the initial program text unavailable. On the other hand, you can use ''Gentee'' as a scripting or interpreted language because it is allows you to run your pragrams at once.
''Gentee'' is not only a language compiler. Many complete libraries (approximately 400 functions total) are available for working with different types of data. There also are advanced facilities for storing and handling of text data.
''Gentee'' is an easy-to-master programming language, but at the same time its capabilities would not limit your demands in the future, and its syntax would not require anything unnecessary.
Version: 3.6.2
Lizenz: Freeware
WinXP,Windows2000,Windows2003,Windows Vista Ultimate,Win98,W
Sprache(n): English, Russian ..
Download Anzahl: 948 Downloads
Hersteller: Gentee, Inc. ..
Dateigröße: 2.57 MB
Datum: 25. Jun. 2012
Änderungen: mehr hier

Bewertet mit: 2.00 (0/5)
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