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The WHERE tool

The WHERE tool 0.9.0 alpha

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''The WHERE tool'' reads, processes and records data from a NMEA compatible device, commonly a GPS receiver, which is connected to a (logical) serial port, such asdev/ttyS*,dev/ttyUSB*,dev/rfcomm*, of the computer. Data received from the device is represented by the respective NMEA sentences or (optionally) processed to some more readable output format, and can be written to the console or a data file. Continuous logging (recording) to a data file is also possible. Although it can be useful as a simple console program, the tool is mainly intended to be a data supplier for more sophisticated systems, such as GIS or navigation applications. The tool is Freeware (Open Source) underlying the GNU Gerneral Public License (GPL).
Version: 0.9.0 alpha
Lizenz: Freeware
Linux,Linux Console,Linux GPL,Linux Open Source,Unix,Cygwin
Sprache(n): English ..
Download Anzahl: 1401 Downloads
Hersteller: Stephan Kluenker ..
Dateigröße: 197.17 Kb
Datum: 22. Feb. 2008
Linux, Unix or Win32 with Cygwin, a NMEA compatible (navigation) device, eg. a GPS receiver
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