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JCap 0.7.6

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''JCap'' is an easy to use application for adding captions and descriptions to your digital photograph collection and then finding them later. ''JCap'' is a self-contained Java application that requires no external database to operate.

Huntington Beach, CAI created ''JCap'' because I needed an application that I could use to caption and describe each of my digital photos, help me find them later, let me easily use those descriptions in other applications, and allow me to easily archive the images and descriptions together. The main goals being: to be able to find photos later, to help me share the photos with others in online galleries, and to be able to read these descriptions thirty years from now on whatever computer I happen to have at the time.

''JCap'' doesn''t require a separate database application or web server to run. Captions, descriptions, and keywords are stored in plain text files in the same folder as the images they describe and can be read by any application that can read text files. This means you can use any application or tool you want (notepad, grep, album generating software, your favorite HTML editor, scripting languages, etc) to read and manipulate the captions however you want.

And since the captions and descriptions are stored as text files in the same folder as the images themselves, archiving them is as simple as copying the image and the associated caption/description file to the archive location (e.g. burning to CD).
Version: 0.7.6
Lizenz: GNU General Public License (GPL)
MacOS, Windows, OS Independent, Linux
Sprache(n): English ..
Download Anzahl: 1196 Downloads
Hersteller: yafd ..
Dateigröße: 742.23 Kb
Datum: 24. Jan. 2007

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