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Windows XP-Powercenter

Windows XP-Powercenter 2.9

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EKV SOUND ENGINE: This is a simple to use music-cd play and extract-program. Insert your music-cd and change the correct drive - the program will works automaticly if you click on "extract to *.wav OR *.mp3" ready!
EKV MEDIA ENGINE: Insert or select all media-files or CD/DVD on your computer and the media engine works simple as a normal dvd-player. The engine play also sound-files!
EKV BONUS SCREENSAVER: If you work or look on the Ethical-Knightly-Venture-Center® and you want to make a break OR you want to save your screen - click simple on the bonus-screensaver and have fun!
100year EKV CALENDAR: If you want to manage your dates for a long time is this calendar the best for you. Select your day or month or year and write down your interests. NOTE! If you want to have a calendar for every day - connect this Ethical-Knightly-Venture-Center® to your AUTOSTART-Programs.
EKV CRYPT SAFE: This is at the moment and the next 100year the best encryption-software and simple the fast-security-safe for your data! You can choose from 256 bit encryption to 2048 bit-steel-encryption! NOTE: This encryption-software safe your passwords NOT include the encrypted files - If you have forgotten your password is it very sad for you -:((
POWER EKV FTP: Is a simple to use ftp-connect-manager and you can upload or download SECURE your files. But never forget - your mind is free NOT YOUR BODY.
WRITER OF EKV: This powerful small program erase ALL your RW-Medias (include CD/DVD-RW etc.) choose your drive and select short OR slow-erase and make sure.
EKV-WARE SIMPLEWARE: Our motto is: Powerful software for small money - EKVware! And now read our features for your brain and body:
Version: 2.9
Lizenz: Freeware
Sprache(n): ..
Download Anzahl: 3411 Downloads
Hersteller: K.Norbert Arndt ..
Dateigröße: 11.88 MB
Datum: 31. Jul. 2004
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