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Americas Army - Special Forces

Americas Army - Special Forces 3.3.1

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Nobody knows military simulations like the worlds premier land force, the U.S. Army. So when the Army began making a simulation to let civilians experience the barracks to the battlefields, it sent its talented development teams to experience the Army as a recruit would. The developers crawled through obstacle courses, shot weapons, parachute jumped, and visited the Army bases, all to let you play Army in the most realistic way ever depicted in a computer game.

Latest Changes:

New Multiplayer Missions

Fixed various client crashes

JRTC Farm Raid" filters correctly in server browser

Running in 16-bit windowed mode no longer has render errors

Fixed reflex sight accuracy

Fixing "ROE" URL on support page and new-map URL

Disable "set" command for non-config variables (devmode exploit)

Fix Auth Failure messages that have a URL

Fixed various server/client crashes

Remove "query" exploit

Fixed server stability issues

Fixed Admin spectate command

Memory Leak fixes

Fixed pb admin commands

Admin kicks no longer give ROE

Admins can join Min/Max Honor servers

Admin text is displayed as red

Allow normal user to be admins on Leased servers

Disable player color codes

Add option to restrict by groups

GameSpy: Display third-party icon

GameSpy: Display groups field in server info

Allow Auth to set third-party flag

Added "Invalid Group" failure message

Save Group information to savefile

Notify the player before joining a server that has Group restrictions
Version: 3.3.1
Lizenz: Freeware
Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.x/10 (x32 & x64)
Sprache(n): English ..
Download Anzahl: 10233 Downloads
Hersteller: America's Army ..
Dateigröße: 886.21 MB
Datum: 10. Sep. 2012

Bewertet mit: 1.58 (0/5)
Gesamt Stimmen: 19

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